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  • Grant Hall

    Signed a 3 year deal with Warnock at Boro .

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    Good luck to him, might well get a promotion party.


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      Fair play to him.
      Bigger club with the ability to pay bigger wages.


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        I never rated Hall anyway.


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          They might get 40/50 games out of him
          had a good season then injured only up again when contract was running out. I’ll give him his credit he’s played cab and cm and never kicked up a fuss so wish him well but I know we can get better for less wages


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            I can't see they'll be paying him much more than what we could. My hunch is Warburton simply didn't want him anymore. I'm firmly on record as not rating Warburton one bit but I'd give him credit for showing Grant the door though.


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              How many games he play in how many years


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                I was personally disappointed with him at the end... but family first and all that.

                I think he can play, but not defend that great. I was amazed at how many goals were down to his positioning.

                All the best Grant.

                Lets hope he still remembers the support and wages for his years out injured...


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                  Disappointed me, he was Club Captain but chose to look after himself rather than being proud to be Captain. Had he not been injured then ok but he had 18 months out getting paid by the Club but chose to leave. Gone are the days of players staying 10 years plus sadly. Was an ok player but nothing sensational.


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                    Proved in his last season that he was over his injury issues. We employed him and he got injured so such is life. Any player needs to earn as much money as he can and another club has offered him more than us. He is very replaceable and I wish him the best. It's the way football is and we will sign players with the same approach who earn more from us than they did with their previous clubs.

                    I'm about to move employers for more money!!


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                      Hall was a good player for us when he was fit and imo a very decent champ cb.

                      Hes only gone up north for his family as his mrs is from Newcastle and they just had a little one.

                      Good luck to him.

                      Im more excited to see if the Rob Dickie rumours have any legs as he’s a class player at Oxford and that Goode from Northampton is highly rated.

                      Would love to see us have a choice of Dickie/Goode/Barbet/Materson to choose from next year!!