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    Originally posted by Undecided View Post
    Interesting point.

    If players are out of contract will they be snapped up by other teams at wages they'd accept? If they are then the richer clubs (if there are any) will benefit from a stronger squad. Poorer clubs will be weaker. So if the season is played out, results will not be a true reflection of what might have been. Is that a reason to null and void this season?

    If players do not get snapped up, I suspect they would have to agree on a pay for play basis until they get a new contract from whoever.
    I doubt many clubs will be looking to sign players until they know what future finances will look like. Easier to just give players a monthly extension to see the season out and on sure they'd be happy with that.

    Also, why would be sign up Grant Hall for three years now when we're only six points off the play offs? When we go up in June/July this year he'd be no use to us in the Premiership when we'd be challenging for a champions league slot.............!