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    Originally posted by easthertsr View Post
    Still waiting for some actual evidence that paeodophiles get lighter sentences than football hooligans! Think some people have been reading the Daily Star!
    Are you for real? How about do a bit of research. Google will tell you. There's plenty of sick people viewing indecent images online and sharing them who get suspended sentences by the judges of this country! They should be shot dead for such sick behaviour!

    Regarding football hooligans, again, do your research! Anything from 6 months to 5 years inside if you end up in court.

    I know which offence is worse but the criminal system doesn't! You're deluded and it's people with the opinion like yourself is why this country is ####ed!


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      Gave a few of them a walloping. Getting my practise in for the Luton SCUM. Canít wait. Proper football day out. Old fashioned. JN


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        Well I'm just told to look at Google but no actual cast iron evidence supplied by anybody yet. And before anybody says I'm excusing such behaviour I'm obviously not it's beyond comprehension and the individuals need to be locked up where they can't harm anyone. But I'm still trying to understand why someone would want to inflict violence on another person because they support a different football team. Because from my perspective if seems a completely ridiculous response for an adult to make. I could understand it if the people involved were ten years old because that's how they respond to taunting etc. But an adult?