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Austria Pre-season

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  • Austria Pre-season

    Anyone heading out to Vienna for pre season? curious as to know how many we'll actually take out.

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    I just jumped on Skyscanner. Dumbly thinking might be able to get cheapo flights on likes of easyJet....... Flipping Heck! Looks like flights are a minimum of a few hundred quid from Manchester (my local airport). Be handy if anyone can up with a bargain budget itinerary that flys into Vienna for game, lodgings for one night and coming home day after. Would consider flying home same day too.


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      Anyone looked at flying to another country near,and going from there might be cheaper
      Chelmsford City the home of Radio


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        Thursday 11th to Saturday 13th July, Ryanair 90 Stansted to Vienna Direct, 5 left.
        I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


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          Bratislava is 50 miles away - about a tenner on the train. Still too fiddly....... was naively thinking I'd tell Mrs I was playing golf, I'd stroll down to local airport, be faced with a huge choice of flights, buy a return for 49.99, have a few scoops, saunter into match, drift home afterwards..... easey-peasey! Clearly its more farty and expensive than I imagined but in my defence it's not as though I've had much practice at nipping off to Europe to see Rs is it!?


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            We are doing exactly that, Birmingham to Bratislava 83 return Thursday to Saturday a night in Bratislava then train to Vienna a night in Vienna then train back to Bratislava. Hotel next to Vienna train station just 3 stops on the tube from ground or 25 min walk.


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              Great stuff! Sounds fantastic that - have a great time!