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  • EFL & FA

    Shame our ruling football authorities ainít got the balls to stand up to Sky, BT et al. ####ed off with missing games due to a TV day / time changes

    No more Monday La Liga games, says Spanish FA president Luis Rubiales

    Alaves supporters dressed in black and carried a mock coffin in protest at their game being switched to a Monday night for live TV coverage
    La Liga games will no longer take place on Mondays, says the Spanish FA's president Luis Rubiales.

    Alaves supporters held a mock funeral during their La Liga win over Levante in protest at the match being switched to Monday night for live TV coverage.

    Alaves fans also protested about fixture changes during their game against Athletic Bilbao, held on a Monday in December.

    "Business is important, but fans more so," Rubiales said on Twitter.

    He added: "There will be no more football on Mondays. From next season in La Liga, there will be football on Saturdays and Sundays. We will see what happens on Fridays, if we reach a good agreement for all."

    Spanish top-flight games have been played on Mondays since 2010 and while the league's organising body says the matches have large television audiences, they have led to a fall in attendances.

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    Who the #### watches Alaves anytime on tv let alone a monday
    Chelmsford City the home of Radio


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      Yeah... but have you seen the average weekend's la liga fixture list? No two games played at the same time. One match Friday night, games from midday to 10 at night Saturday and from 11am to 10pm on Sunday.


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        I blame Brexit