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  • Changes required!

    The M'borough defeat was our seventh. It is about time SM make some crucial changes. We do not have much to choose from, however, starting with Lumley... he should be dropped as his confidence is so low. When Ingramm conceded that amount of goals in four defeats, he was dropped. Now I know that this may mean us going from the frying pan to fire, however, in our circumstances decisions have to be made.
    Leistner reminds me of Ned. Solid most of the time… but an accident waiting to happen in every game. Furlong is another one that needs a look. Always far away from his opponent, giving huge space for a winger to put crosses in. Lynch is solid one minute and catastrophic the next! As for goals, Wells makes a lot of running and good work but goals dried up for him. Is he another CW?
    I think in this situation and with the limited squad we have, we should forget about pretty football (if there's any!) and convert to the hustling and bustling and long passes to Matt Smith head. Results are what matters now, more then ever before!

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    Personally think Lumley should stay in goal.
    As for lumping it up to Smith, doing that from the first whistle is pointless imo. Too predictable and defenders generally deal with it more often than not. He’s actually not as good in the air as he should be for someone of his size, especially with his back to goal. Better getting crosses into him from the wings where he seems more effective.
    Now is not the time to panic and make wholesale changes just for the sake of it.
    “He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long”
    Will Danaher


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      lumleys problem is whats in front of him , made 2 great saves v WBA , we all know are defence is poor but its all we've got . they must get closer to oppo and do the basics right


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        Agree that changes are needed, but given the size of bthe squad and injries to Rangel and Cameron, there really isn't much scope to do so.

        Lumley or Ingram? neither look good enough, although a poor defence doesn't help their confidence.

        Leistner and Lynch may not be that good, but I don't think Hall is the answer either and there is no one else apart from Bidwell to play CB. If the latter switches, there is no cover at LB. likewise with dropping Furlong.

        The midfield needs shaking up as Luongo is looking like the player who returned from the World Cup, rather than the improved version prior to the Asian Games.

        Up front the options are also threadbare.


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          I agree with all of you and the shame of it is we beat Leeds with these $hit players.


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            Originally posted by acricketer View Post
            I agree with all of you and the shame of it is we beat Leeds with these $hit players.
            Still think we have a limited squad and, in areas, limite players but when we are up for it and really pull together as a team we are a match for anyone at home.

            Superb effort last night, rightly rewarded with 3 points.