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And we moan about Ingram

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  • And we moan about Ingram

    Classic gk, c o c k up blame defence lol
    and as for their pitch,they need to ring their shirt sponsors up for an appointment
    Chelmsford City the home of Radio

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    Haha, they can drain all the shite standing there watching the game while they are at it.
    “He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long”
    Will Danaher


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      I don't blame him for the goal yesterday but I would like to know if Rob Green has crept back unnoticed as our GK coach? I like Lumley but Jesus, he needs to practice kicking a rolling ball. This is too high a level to get away with bad kicks very often. And what is this constantly kicking over to the full backs all about? It doesn't look very difficult to defend against and doesn't get us anywhere. I know we lose it if we smash it up the middle and I know we're not capable of playing it out from the back but maybe if the midfield made a bit of space for themselves and weren't just looking to pass it straight back we may have an option?