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The Women's team - a justifiable cost to the club?

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    Originally posted by Gtleighsr3 View Post
    If they could play Swedish or Dutch women's football over here,I'd bl oody go every game,and take my own tissue
    That would certainly insure that not many would leave early until after the traditional jersey swapping at FT
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      i watched a game at raynes park vale recently there was about 5 0f us and raynes had about 5 fans , spoke to the man on the gate recently at molesley fc they'd recently had only 18 paying fans thru the gate for a 1st team fixture on a saturday


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        Originally posted by Simonj10 View Post

        Chelsea FC Women vs Arsenal Women for example had an attendance of 2,020 which if you compare to Non League games nearly 1000 more than most
        Not great though is it? I mean that is a high profile game in the capital, and in case we forget the women's game has been around for decades. The real problem though is that such events are disproportionately covered by the BBC, partly due to the fact they've been priced out of top line events. There is no question that the BBC are hyping minority sports for that reason.

        I'll give you an example. MotoGP is a world championship sharing some of the same venues as F1, routinely getting bigger crowds. The BBC no longer have any media rights. At four MotoGP rounds this year including two in Europe, involving Brit competitors, one of whom was in the race to be world champion, crowds exceeded 100k . BBC coverage was abysmal compared to minority sports and women's sports. This is why people get cynical about the women's coverage: it's being disproportionately hyped.


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          Originally posted by Gtleighsr3 View Post
          shania if u got great legs,join our ladies team,we back ya
          Not sure about the legs, but the engine is not what it used to be.
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