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Are we real that much different?

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  • Are we real that much different?

    My biggest concern from last season is of Smithies being sold. So far, I am not impressed by Ingram and he could cost us points. Perch was never a starter lately; Mackie was full of running, but that's all; Ned used to be called 'nervous Ned' and many wanted him out of the side. I think that Steiner is an adequate replacement. Jack will be missed, however, if Hall is back to his best, he makes up for his absence. I think of the youngsters, we are much better served by Eze then we ever were by any other recent players. Smyth will develop into a very good player, given time. Kakay is doing well, however, need help on the right. We have the same strikers we had last season; same midfield we had last season; we also had the likes of Pawel, Cousins warming the bench. So in all, we should not be any worst than the past season. I do expect that the club brings two or three good loanees that can improve our lot.

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    You're right about those players but the point is that they haven't been replaced so the squad is effectively weaker.and that can make a huge difference when injuries and suspensions kick in.


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      They were replaced by our own youngsters. Wasn't that the plan after all? The club and the fans have to be patient with the young talent, otherwise, they will be mentally destroyed. However, I do expect some good loan signings to help them up.


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        Issue we have at the moment is Ned, Robinson, Smithies gone and Furlong out injured. Bidwell aside our entire first choice defence and goalie! Ok we have signed BFG as one replacement. We had little in reserve at the back and this has left us very exposed. We need a couple of defenders in on loan really. Do that and I would agree not much difference.


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          Thought the save Ingram pulled off second half was incredible.

          Harsh to have any blame on him for the first goal and as for the penalty, well that's always in the strikers favour.

          Can't forgive the pass directly to their striker in the first half though....got to cut that nonsense out straight away.