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Molineux today

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    It was only sparse in the front few rows where I was -- everything from there backwards (a lot of rows) seemed pretty packed.
    Faurlin is my hero!!! Love him!!! #########


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      Originally posted by qblockpete View Post
      We sold most of the bit we had.

      Thats what I wantto be doing next season !!

      Unlucky second half, as we were much the better team..

      Great save from keeper

      Hit bar

      and Helgusson had a great chance, from agreat ball from Mahon.

      Tracy, thank you for your valued input.
      I agree we were unlucky -- one mistake was all it took.
      Some Wolves fans near me were looking a bit worried in the second half, as we were battling away and came close those few times.
      Shame Lopez had only just gone off when we got the free kick just outside the box -- identical position to the one he scored the other week.
      Taarabt got a bit of stick from Hogan a couple of times for not passing -- however, I did see Taarabt PASS the ball a couple of times after that -- progress!
      Faurlin is my hero!!! Love him!!! #########