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  • Help with the following...

    Could any of you help with the following?

    Please let us know which device you are using, any problems we can then identify.

    You can all now share your thread/post with Twitter and FaceBook, I want to know if this works if someone could try it. In fact you should be able to share anyone thread/post, not just your own.

    Photos - I don't think we can take photos of the actual game, you can take photos of fans, ground and things like that. Could someone take a few photos and upload it to the site in the Match day thread please?

    Within the next few days, non members should be able to register to this site via Twitter and Facebook.


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    The site works great on my iPhone


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      I'd like to know if you can tweet or share to facebook. Next to a thread or post you'll see the links, see if it works.

      Also try to upload a photo directly from your phone, is that working?


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        Just tried to upload a picture and wouldn’t let me as it said the picture exceeded the PHP limit of 2MB
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        Will Danaher


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          I'm on an honor 9. Site working OK now. Posts the other day didn't upload for hours though. Can anyone upload pics to matchday thread on here ?, if so will try some from leeds tomorrow