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How Can The Club Progress Under Current Regime?

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    The club could progress via a number of things, pete.

    1. Make attending the Rangers an affordable experience.

    2. Appoint the very best manager they can, give him whatever it takes to get the players he wants, and unless he bores the arses off us all with his tactics, let him manage.

    3. Improve the PR between club and it's supporters, talk to us more often, not at us.

    4. Sack Ali Russell, the knob should be a banker, not at our football club.


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      quite simple really - take the supporters wants n needs onboard, the board need to start meaning what they say and not saying what they think we want to hear, recalculate season ticket and match day ticket pricing to come more into line with present economic trends, appoint a proven manager who can be trusted to spend wisely in the transfer market and reastablish trust amongst the various supporters associations. Then and only then can we go forward as a unit - we must stop all this bickering amongst us and them - we need them and they certainly need us - so please l all get behind the club we love and lets guide/push/pull it in the right direction


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        rip it up and start again
        afc qpr
        say we are
        afc qpr

        sounds good...then i'll be chairman, sacking em all, charging what i want,i'll have a diamond encrusted seat and soft loo roll and you won't
        I WANT IT ALL AND NOW, I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Sack whoever it was the club who told Pete that PS would get a cut of a transfer fee.
          "Originally Posted by qblockpete
          QPR will finish at least in the Play offs
          Swansea will finish in bottom 6
          Middlesboro will finish champions"