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How good was De Canio?

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  • How good was De Canio?

    I really liked GiGi and yes he did very well and we played attractive football - but is HE actually that great? I think we have to remember that Vine, Buzz and Agyemang were all playing regularly under De Canio and for me this was the reason we were playing so well. De Canio did well but he also made some decisions that im sure fans didnt like - like defending very deep, playing too defensive at times etc etc. De Canio did great, and is popular with the fans, but not sure how popular the language barrier is with the players - or if itd suit him to come back himself. Vine Buzz and Dave are excellent players together on the pitch, and with the other quality in the side now with Cook, Lopez, Hogan, around him - we will improve next year under De Canio, Wise, or anyone! IMO

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    You forget the dross he had in the team as well
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      His record wasn't much better than Sousa's, so not really.
      That said...No manager of recent has been given enough time to make an impact.
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        He gave the place a buzz, which we all latched onto.

        We need to get that back and be united as fans. I am sure the harsh lessons learn't on and off the pitch this season, will not be replicated next year.
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          Originally posted by qblockpete View Post
          He gave the place a buzz, which we all latched onto.
          We need to get that back and be united as fans. I am sure the harsh lessons learn't on and off the pitch this season, will not be replicated next year.
          Buzz is OK, but what we really need is points...as already stated here, DeCanio´s record wasn´t much better than Sousa´s....


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            His team was miles worse than the current one. No Gorrks, Routledge, Helgusson, Tarrabt, Cern, Ramage no in form stuart...
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              With all managers, once they have left the club they will be remembered one of two ways. Either as a success or as a failure. De Canio took the team he inherited from 24th to 14th and therefore will be seen as a success. Sousa took over a team just 3 points off the play offs and they seemingly went backwards under his leadership and therefore will be deemed a failure.

              The problem with this is that there is a lot of grey amongst the black and white, which gets forgotten far too easily.


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                Another point worth making is that the end of last season our outlook was much rosier in terms of the fans we were exstatic to be taking over by Flavio etc and to be able to sign and watch some decent players for a change so when we lost it wasn't the end of the world as it is this season we were just happy we weren't going down! We also had in form Agyemang, Buzsaky, Vine and Rowlands!

                This season its all doom and gloom despite being in a better position, everytime we lose we have to sack the manager and the games we do win people expect us to win anyway with the exception of a few! I think that has a lot to do with the obsession some people seem to have with Gigi. They remember him from a time when things were looking up for the club as opposed to this years disenchanted crowd!

                IMO Im grateful for him keeping us up but after January we were far to good a team to get relegated anyway, he can't speak english, the players weren't fit, we conceeded a lot of late goals and we didn't do as well as people seem to think we did under him.

                I think he is better left in the past!


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                  Personally, I thought De Canio was OK. He did play good attacking football. However I got frustrated by his sitting back and trying to protect a lead tactics half-way through the second half. Which quite often led to late goals conceded. So it was entertaining in the first half. Not so in the second half.

                  I'm not one of those calling for or wanting him to come back. But I have resigned to the fact that whatever manager we get next will be gone by November if we're not in the top 6.