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  • Transfers, squad etc

    I have watched and read with amusement and interest the various threads on players we are buying, loaning, selling, offloading.
    I would love to see some multi million pound players brought in but i would also love to see youth team players coming through and rough diamonds from the lower regions makng an impact. Unfortunatley this does not happen very often.
    These options sometime bring as much success to the team as expensive foriegn mercenaries and usually dont bring the baggage of agents and ego's.
    There are two players currently at local clubs that could do a fantastic job for Rangers and its a shame this area seems to be overlooked.

    Tom Cadmore, centre back -@ Hayes and Yeading, Tom plays for England C and is a bit in the Andy Tillson mould then theres James Reading @ Hendon, yound but very good goalkeeper.

    I read with interest and concern Mr Harts comments about the various problems he has found with the structure of the club. He seems to have identified quite quickly some major problems and this worries me as to why it has taken so long to sort things out. What has Mr Paladini and the experianced managers Gregory, Ollie, Dowie, di canio, Sousa been doing?

    Why do we not have a descent scouting network?, a descent youth system? a network of coaches and links to local teams?
    Les Ferdinand was a local lad, he became our hero. We dont need to spend millions but we do need to get the right players.

    Lets start a thread of all non league players that you recommend. Maybe, just maybe the powers that be, may send out someone to monitor the recomendations. I doubt it but i will give it a go.

    Tom cadmore - hayes and Yeading - CB
    James Reading - Hendon FC - GK

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    Chris Robson- Buckingham Town midfield/striker


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      If they're on the list then I'll nominate myself, I'm a tad overweight and I'll play anywhere, mind you I am ****.


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        Originally posted by qpr-buzsaky View Post
        what he said ^^^^^^^^