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    They have conceeded 12 goals in 5 games.

    Sousa's defensive record was much better. We were solid under Sousa.
    First game: Arsenal vs Queen's Park Rangers at Highbury, Saturday 17th November 1984.


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      It should not have been moved there are some good threads in off topic that would add to the quality of the site.

      This site is currently being over moderated when I pointed this out you put me on a warning.

      The mods also moved into off topic a brand new poster....because you dont seem use much common sense this site recently has taken a bit of a pasting from other sites.

      We get a new poster register who comes to the board says hello and is booted intop off topic when the mods should be welcoming new posters and members to this site.

      I'm sorry you struggle to get your head round this.

      And do not patronise me with stupid warnings and telling me to show some respect for the people that run this site do your homework and look into the four posters that made contributions to this site when it was first launched.

      You may also of noticed that this thread has had some good debate regarding it since it was moved.

      As for my warning you really think I give a toss.


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        Originally posted by sirpiechucker View Post
        Since De Canio took over from Lecce here are their results:

        08.03.2009 Reggina home Drew 0-0
        15.03.2009 Palermo away Lost 2-5
        22.03.2009 Atalanta home Drew 2-2
        05.04.2009 AC Milan away Lost 0-2
        11.04.2009 Sampdoria home Lost 1-3
        I wonder how many of those 12 goals against came in the last 5 mins?


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          Originally posted by Dando View Post
          I dont see how that was a fluke period. Agyemang looked great in his all round game. He set up plenty of goals, linked fantastically with other players, played a huge part in the build up to goals - and took his chances well - which mainly were not tap ins. Ok, he hasnt done great since in terms of goal scoring - and not saying he ever will do better weither - but his performances were certainly not a fluke IMO. Id like to see how much better this current team would have done under De Canio - without our key players he had last year. Theres only so much you can do when you are missing 3 of your most influential players
          If you look at Agyemang's career record before he joined us you will see he is a 1 in 6 goalscorer - it was a purple patch in his career. After the initial spell he ended very poorly. As for assists he had 4, Dex had 6!

          I agree with what you are saying during that 7 game period - he looked great but after IMO he returned to type i.e. a league 1 player and has looked that way ever since - a few quick sprints have failed to convince me and feel he runs up far too many blind alleys..

          Never could understand why many are so quick to put down Dex over a player who would be one of the first of my list to clear out - not that I think anyone would take him on the wages /contract length we have him on.
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          QPR will finish at least in the Play offs
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          Middlesboro will finish champions"


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            I agree, maybe Agyemangs career before he signed for us didnt set the world alight - but just because he didnt do well for others doesnt mean it was a fluke. Some players just fit in better with different sides. Not going to argue as everyone has their own opinion and the Agymang and Dex debate will always go on and on - but for me, there was no fluke about it at all. You could say the same about a lot of players. Dex normally scorer between 12 and 15 goals throughout a year which is decent, not disputing that. Remember Agyemang only played hasa a season and got us a lot of goals and set up a ton too. if he was playing crap then id say it was a fluke - like Stuart Wardley!


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              Can someone explain to me why De Canio would want to come back after walking out 12 months ago ?


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                Originally posted by eghamR View Post
                I wonder how many of those 12 goals against came in the last 5 mins?
                You ask and I deliever:

                AC Milan 2-0
                Ronaldinho 90
                Inzaghi 90+3

                Lecce 1-3 Sampdoria
                Pazzini 11
                Cassano (pen) 29
                Cassano (pen) 87

                Lecce 2-2 Atalanta
                Padoin 29
                Padoin 47

                Palermo 5-2 Lecce
                Edinson Cavani (11)
                Simplício (18)
                Fabrizio Miccoli (41)
                Simon Kjćr (56)
                Edinson Cavani (59)

                So out of five matches Lecce have conceded 3 goals after the 87th minute.