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We are not a laughing stock

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  • We are not a laughing stock

    Fans of other clubs don't give a flying you know what about us really. I don't care, and neither should you care about what they say about us!

    We know as fellow QPR fans that our club is a bloody mess! This needs to be addressed for our own sanity, nothing to do with our so called mates that make the odd remark. Show it bothers you and they will continue.

    It's about us putting things right off the pitch first, then on the pitch will follow.

    Flavio Briatore. This is not your "project". It can't be your project anymore than it is my "project". For it to be yours or my "project" we need to know about managing a team of footballers & then actually being the "manager". So, unless you intend on appointing yourself (MASSIVE MISTAKE IF YOU DO) you need to back off and enjoy the result from the stands as I and the rest of the good fans of Queens Park Rangers do!

    Until I know you're actually doing this I won't renew my ST.
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