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    Originally posted by HoopsOfEssex View Post
    I am quite frankly hacked off with all things surrounding our club right now, I think many things a disgrace. I have made it known on different message boards my feelings towards this board and its treatment of fans ect ect ect..

    However the one possitive thing I can say here ( not that its my chioce or would be my ideal move ) is that if things are going to change managerialy now is the time to do it, nothing to play for as such. Games to play in which to assess players and identify targets ect.

    Trouble with that is the fact that any muppet can be put in the hot seat if he is not really in control. Why waste money if all the board want is some one to follow orders? Pull some spotty yoff out of Mc D's pay him 10p an hour more and save the club some wedge!

    Lets face it, it matters little if we like the manager, it matters little if he is any good...if he ain't left to do the job his way it don't matter who the ferk it is..its academic.

    So I say this, if the manager is left to do it his way then fair play, if not and all he is there for is to encourage players to run around cones each day, stop wasting money, put the prices to where that expectation will take us ( no where ) appoint the Hull tiger to do the job, stop feeding us bull and look for some one to buy you all out.......simple!
    the phrase "to may cooks in the kitchen" comes to mind