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    Originally posted by Cjskinz View Post
    I think you'll find Luongo makes plenty of tackles, never shies away from them either. Extremely good at intercepting the ball as well. Agree however that we need someone made of stone there. Was going to suggest Cousins could be the man but injuries are quite worrying
    We're watching a different player then mate. Looks like a fish out of water in the role we ask him to play in my opinion.

    Cousins ain't that sort of player either. Box to box and busy (on his day), but he's no midfield hard man.
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      Originally posted by Alanwycombe View Post
      Ollie and Pep Guardiola in same sentence............never thought I'd see that
      Quite common on here. It was only a few months ago that Luongo and Iniesta were mentioned in the same sentence!!!!!


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        Originally posted by Cjskinz View Post
        Agree Hall has cost us a few goals. Again, human error, not Holloway's fault which is my original point

        I watch every game, and i watch every game closely (otherwise there's no point watching). He plays the simple ball, retains possession and now and then will try something creative. Henry will not try something creative. Plus Manning covers a lot more ground. He has been off the boil of late though. Haven't said he's the answer though. He does take bookings when he needs to as well which is quite smart play, Henry just gets them for poor challenges.
        So you have never seen Henry ping ball from one side of pitch to the other?? Or seen him giving it simple??? When Manning plays simple it's called retaining pocession when Henry does it he's negative. Hall costs goals it's human error but earlier Henry was singled out for costing goals. Plenty of double standards going on

        Where i will agree on Manning is he is actually smart in terms of game management he knows how to win a foul when he's under pressure and he will pull a player down when needed which I actually like. If he could sort his passing out, as currently in my view he can't pass water, I would say we have a very very good player on our hands. Be interesting if Nas has any stats on Mannings distribution


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          If we survive, then I hope Gary Penrice will get us that enforcer type of player.
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            Originally posted by WeAreQPR12 View Post
            I am shocked with the level of abuse Holloway gets. The fans that made it clear they never wanted him will always look to shoot him down. I will judge him next season but I really have a feeling we will be top 10
            Don't be shocked, it's what happens to every manager on a bad run for every team just about everywhere. If it was all going great we'd have almost nothing to talk about.

            You have to give Ollie the chance to change the team a bit and make a push next season. Hard to judge him on what's happening now. All you can say for definite is that his recruitment has been very good Smith, Freeman and LuaLua (if he stays) all look like real assets, plus he pushed the club to sign Wszolek before the end of his loan period. Morrison is the only failure but he was worth a punt for a loan. We're only losing games by the odd goal which suggests the problems are at the back - I'd be surprised and disappointed if we didn't sign two industrial strength CBs in the summer - Lynch and Ned are fine for cover but neither should be first choice.


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              We are in desperate need of a Derry type player firstly, for winning the ball and secondly, for organising a midfield to defend - something that has been lacking for a long time.