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    I'm sure there's been loads of threads like this over the years but we're going through a difficult marriage atm with our club and the forum has been a bit depressing lately so lets have a bit of fun and reminisce about times that happened long before i was born.

    First up, why did you start supporting qpr?
    What is your fondest memory of qpr?
    What is your earliest memory of qpr?
    Whats your favourite qpr match?

    I know there's quite a few oldies on the forum so i can't wait to hear what qpr was like during the 1920s!

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    approx 10 , the equaliser in the 82 final , at home to blackpool i was about 8 , i've about 5 , highbury 82 , wembley 82 , bobbys goal at wembley, mackies winner v liverpool and the last time we beat chelsea at home


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      Nice thread this
      I started because they were my Dad's team and the local one to where we lived. I couldn't believe my luck because they had easily the best name of all the team's when the results were read out!
      Fondest memory probably Les Allen's goal v Leicester in the league cup the season we won it. It hit the bar, came down, hit the great Gordon Banks and went in. ( these days would have been an og).
      Earliest memory, I would have been about 4. We won the match and my dad got seats in the stand because I was with him. We mainly went to youth team games then because it was safer !?
      Favourite match has to be the 67 league cup final.


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        My mum reckons she took me to a game in 1967, but I can't remember that as I was only six (although maybe I was a lucky mascot!). The first game I remember is v Man City in 1975. I strayed from QPR in the 80s, other things took precedence!

        My favourite game is probably when we were playing Leicester who were then managed by Sven, and Ishmael Miller scored that cracking late, late goal from a superb pass by Wayne Routledge. The atmosphere was crackling that day, spring was just around the corner, and I think we all knew after Ismael's goal that this was our year.

        I think my fondest memories are connected to the Bushranger era - from around 1998 to 2005 - and especially that day we beat Sheffield Wednesday (I was at Hillsborough that day courtesy of Bill Power, god bless him), and the scenes afterwards, and then the open-top bus tour with the team driving through the Bush. I was on the balcony of the Bushranger for that and it was just a fantastic time to be a Rangers fan.

        My other favourite moment was the final day of the season 2011 when we heard 'no points deduction!' just before kick off and then afters at the Defectors Weld - it was absolutely rammed and the singing went on deep into the night and I got to hug Mick Jones - I have a photo to prove it!


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          I'm ashamed to say I followed the scum until I was about 8. My dad wasn't big into football so I followed the crowd where I lived in Hayes who were all 'Chelsea skinz ' (skinheads for those who aren't familiar)
          Mercifully my uncle who was a cabbie and lived on white city took me to a game in 77 ( I think) against villa and I saw the light.
          Bizarrely, not long after I left the dark side I won a football signed by the Chelsea team at the local school fair ( ray Wilkins lived up the road and donated it ) My mates wanted it badly but I kicked it around the street until the names started to rub off, almost as though I was trying to erase the memory of my cardinal sin.
          Too many best games for me but Plymouth at home when they were top and we smashed them 3-0 sticks in my mind amongst many others, more so now as there was such a great vibe around the club then, the complete antithesis of now.
          I was lucky enough to be at the 6-0 d!cking of Chelsea, 5-5 Newcastle, beating Chelsea at Stamford bridge in the milk cup quarter final as well as many other memorable games. And of course the play off final at Wembley.
          Plenty of highs and lows supporting the r's but there's not much I would change if I had the chance.
          He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long


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            Not much has gone on the forum the past few days so ill bump this if you dont reply it then in my eyes youre the kind of guy who wears half and half scarfs


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              Good idea to bump as I had missed this before.
              I was born in Norfolk and moved here when I was about eight in the early Seventies. I have an older brother who decided to follow QPR so I just copied him and we first started going to games in that brilliant 1975/6 season. Earliest memory was the (I think) opening game of that season when we thrashed Derby who were existing champions.
              Fondest memory is the Zamora goal and best match was either of the home 3-2's V Liverpool (the late comeback and the one in the 80's with John Barnes scoring twice for them) and the Newcastle 5-5.


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                First up, why did you start supporting qpr? Lived next door to the Loft entrance, so I can claim to be the closes fan to the ground !!

                What is your fondest memory of qpr? Gotta be 67

                What is your earliest memory of qpr? Getting run over by Tony's of Acton ice cream van outside my home. First on the scene was QPR's medical team before the ambulance arrived.

                Whats your favourite qpr match? The 5-5 vs Toons. The mother of atmospheres and emotions.


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                  Why? Lived close and my Dad was die hard QPR

                  Fondest? Has to be Wembley playoffs, was absolutely steaming and in my drunken state decided to take my phone out and record just after we'd scored so I have a great little vid that I re-watch whenever I'm bored on my travels.

                  Earliest? Can't remember the game but was in my dad's mates box and Kevin Gallen was in there injured and watched the whole game with us, remember just being starstruck at first but he was such a down to earth bloke was asking questions about my school and just taking a genuine interest in my life which I thought was amazing at the time (I was about 8). Then after the match found myself in the players bar where the likes of Bircham, Rowlands, Cook all went after the game to meet their missus. I was running round like a pig in #### getting photos and wanting a chat with them all. Those sort of days were what made me fall in love with QPR, my mates at school supporting the prem teams could never have got an experience like that with first team players.

                  Favourite match? There were a few in that crazy season we managed to stay up in the prem where we went on a run of giant killing, the Liverpool game was amazing. And even though it ended in defeat that game on the last day against city will always be in my memory - so many different emotions going on during that


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                    For me personally i used to support chelsea mainly because all my family are chelsea supporters (except my dad) until i was about 10 or so then i stopped supporting them coz i didnt want to support a team that bought success
                    (who could have known we'd do the same thing years later heh?) I didnt really support anyone in particular after that but still liked football but came across qpr whilst playing as them on fifa or championship manager one day, the name initially peaked my interest coz its so unique but i didnt pay too much attention to them after that until i saw that they'd been promoted from league 1 which i thought was cool. I remember asking my dad were qpr where based and when he told me london i pretty much started supporting them then and there. Weird way to start supporting us i know but i'm glad i did even if its been like an abusive relationship at times!

                    My fondest memory has gotta be either zamoras goal or a my first ever game away at plymouth 10 or so years ago, we where on holiday in our caravan in devon and my dad surprised me by taking me to the game. I cant remember the score now but i remember feeling like i wanted to cry i was so happy just seeing my team haha.

                    Dont know my earliest memory of them, its probably when i started playing as them.

                    My favourite match has to either be qpr vs man city when city won the prem, it had everything you could ever want from a match and even though we lost it didnt matter. Either that or earlier in the season when we beat fulham away. My dad supports fulham and i got him a ticket to the game in the home end (i was in the away end) and it just felt great beating them because i finally had something to gloat about to him


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                      Why...because my dad has been a fan since he was a kid, took me to my first game when I was 6 in the 92/93 season, where we beat Spurs 4-1 at Loftus Road.
                      Fondest memory...it's a recent one. The feeling when Bobby Zamora smashed that ball into the top corner at Wembley in the playoff final. I don't think that feeling will ever be topped. The fact that we were shat on for the majority of the game, were down to 10 men, never in a million years looked like scoring and the fact that it was the 90th minute...yeah that'll never be topped.
                      Earliest memory...my first game. I don't remember it all but one memory is clear. I was stood behind the goal at the loft end, just to the left of it. The ball landed right next to me and I picked it up and handed it to the keeper (I believe it was Jan Stejskal). He gave me a thumbs up and said thanks, well as you can imagine to a 6 year old at his first game this was huge. I was hooked from that moment.
                      Favourite match...there's 2. First season back in the Premier League, beating Chelsea 1-0 at home on sky. The atmosphere was something I'd never ever experienced anywhere, unreal stuff. And for the scum to have 2 players sent off and for us to beat them 1-0 was just fantastic. But you could tell how much the hostile atmosphere affected their players and it was great. The second one is from the same season, coming back from 2-0 down, dead and buried, to beat Liverpool 3-2 at home. Brilliant stuff.
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                        Started supporting QPR because of my Dad, didn't have much choice in the matter and was dragged along to my first game at 4, Tranmere at home in Division 2 (Championship now) probably around 97 so think it would have been our first season after being relegated from the Prem. Fondest memory would have to be going to Hillsborough back in 2003/04 when we won promotion to the championship made all the sweeter after that horrible day out in Cardiff the year before. Earliest memory of Rangers for me would be the season we went down to div3, Peter Crouch leading the line and Chris Kiwomya who I loved at the time (Kiwomya may have been the season before) must have been around 99/2000. Favorite match is a tough one, its toss up between the recent play off final at Wembley, Staying up at City on the last day of the season when they won the league (even though we lost), the unbelievable comeback to win 3-2 at home to Liverpool or the play-off semi final at Home to Oldham back in 2003. Was there for all 4 and it would be tough to pick just one.


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                          I started supporting QPR as they were my favourite team in the premier league sticker album of 1996 plus close enough to visit. I just found the album last month and I didn't have it finished. Did have Jurgen Sommer though and he was my favourite player for a while alongside Schmeichal for Untied (something spectacular about goalkeepers for me back then). My fondest memory despite all the ones i have enjoyed like the 2011 promotion, the promotion from division 2 and Wembley. It is still taking my son along to the 4-3 win over Bolton last year and seeing how happy and ecstatic he was when we won in the last minute after a whole game of jumping and shouting for him. Earliest memory of QPR bar the sticker album was going to a Wasps game when we ground shared and then wanting to see QPR but i don't think we went for quite a while after that. Really loved my first match. My personal favourite QPR match like enjoyable throughout was when I saw Adel live, when he was on top form, i cant name just one of that season but it would be from then. I loved Wembley as much as the next guy, but Adel brought the magic back to the stadium after so long and that was probably the first time i ever really experienced it


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                            Dad was with the Met. Police stationed at the Bush. Used to go with him to the home matches in the 70's. Sat in Ellerslie Road as they got their morning briefing, then stood in the tunnel as the players came out.
                            My fondest memory of QPR isn't a match, or season, but the memories of my boys coming with me to QPR as they grew up. They, 26 & 23, still have Season Tickets now.
                            Earliest memory is standing at the front of the Loft behind the St John's Ambulance 'bench', and the 'Refreshments Hut' at the back of the Loft, above where the Police Control room is now.
                            Favourite match has got to be Oldham. I have never experienced anything like it, inside, or outside of football.


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                              For the real golden oldies there was the 9-2 thrashing of Tranmere