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**WATRB Competition** Invite to press launch of the "Story of QPR" film

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  • **WATRB Competition** Invite to press launch of the "Story of QPR" film

    This is a competition for the chance to represent WATRB as our roving reporter at the "Story of QPR" press launch at Loftus Road, to pose questions to Joey Barton in the Q & A session, and to rub shoulders with the journalists.

    The competition is open to ST holders, Members or any UK resident (aged 16 or over) with 850+ posts on this forum.

    You must also be available on the following date: "4pm at Loftus Road on Wednesday 4th February, 2015".

    A brief report of the event to be posted on the forum afterwards would be appreciated.

    It's a 'Last man standing competition' - full details in the next post down.

    We'll select a few teams that play this Saturday, Sunday & Monday. The last person to be standing on all correct scores will be the winner; we may even have a winner on Saturday.

    Any posts that have been edited after you post them will be void. WATRB's decision is final.


    Full details of the press launch

    The Story of QPR to preview ‘R Story’ alongside Joey Barton at Loftus Road press launch

    'The Story of QPR' have invited press and fan site reps to join QPR in the Community Trust and the Octavia Foundation at Loftus Road next month for the exclusive launch of their upcoming documentary film.

    R’Story – as chosen by the fans – explores the highs and lows of QPR during the R’s 133 year existence, charting the history of the club from its very beginnings in 1882 to the present day and promotion back to the Premier League.

    Told by a broad tapestry of voices from a host of memorable players, past and present, the film features the likes of Rodney Marsh, Les Ferdinand and current R’s boss Harry Redknapp, as well as midfielder Joey Barton – who will be available for questions at the press launch on Wednesday 4th February.

    Speaking exclusively in the film on the R’s dramatic play-off final win at Wembley Stadium, Barton said: “I remember going to Wembley Stadium before the game with a few of the lads to have a look around the place just to get used to it. There were volunteers from QPR that had made their way to Wembley to sellotape 40,000 flags to seats the day before the play-off final when they probably could have had all manner of things to be doing. If ever anything summed up a sense of community, if ever anything summed up one club for me, that was it.”

    R’s fans including Ariel Friedlander and Paul Finney – special guests at the Story of QPR’s recent What’s in your Loft? exhibition – also figure in the documentary which explore topics prevalent in the modern football world such as tribalism, multiculturalism, gentrification, ticket prices and the impact of celebrity culture on the sport since the 1960s.

    The 60-minute film is the culmination of two years’ work which has seen the intergenerational media project engage supporters, young people and the local community.

    The project has worked with youngsters aged 16-24 years old, many of whom not currently in education, employment or training – equipping them with both skills and experience which has ranged from researching old artefacts to following the R’s memorable route to Wembley last May.

    Meanwhile, an award made by the Premier League Charitable Fund and the PFA (Professional Footballers Association) alongside a 8,000 donation from QPR 1st Supporters Trust have helped support the costs of the project along the way.

    Trust CEO, Andy Evans, added: “We’d like to thank the Premier League Charitable Fund and the PFA for their support of the project, which has provided a real opportunity for the community to come together to tell the story of their club and local area. We are also delighted to be working with QPR 1st in a project that is about identity, local social history and, most importantly, offering young people the chance to learn new skills. This project is particularly relevant as the club continues its commitment to its long-term plans. This will provide an important record of the club, staff, players, and fans alike as the club begins a new chapter.”

    The premiere – open to fans and local communities – will be at the Westfield Vue cinema on Thursday 26th February followed by a screening tour of local cinemas, community venues and schools.


    Further details of the film and its premiere

    The short film on the documentary-making sessions so far, made by young film-maker Ross Norman as part of the Story of QPR youth-led multimedia project.

    In partnership with the QPR in the Community Trust, the project is working with young people aged 16 – 24 years old, many of whom are not currently in education, employment or training, to produce a range of multimedia telling the story of the QPR Football Club.

    Find out more at www.octaviafoundation.org.uk/StoryofQPR

    The premiere – open to fans and local communities – will be at the Westfield Vue cinema on Thursday 26th February followed by a screening tour of local cinemas, community venues and schools.

    Finally, a couple of teasers from the film...