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If (or when) Harry gets the sack..

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  • If (or when) Harry gets the sack..

    What kind of players do you reckon QPR would be able to attract? I for one, am under no illusion that we would find it twice as hard to persuade players to join us instead of any other bottom half premiership/top half championship club. ***Not a Harry-in post, just wondered what you thought

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    We wouldn't be able to attract as many "names" but that may not be a bad thing.


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      Let's change the current trend by buying young hungry players. Might be hard for a season or two but I'm sure the long term would be a lot better for us.

      Any chance of us having a youngster from our ranks coming through at all? It's only been about 65 years since the last one.


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        One of Harry's few positives has been attracting players who probably wouldn't have joined otherwise. Problem is once they are in he just doesn't seem to be able to get the best out of them.

        If we get right manager in he will be able to build a team with the continued backing of the board.