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Yes i cried again on saturday

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  • Yes i cried again on saturday


    saxbend qpr fans walk to wembley

    its about 22 minutes long and its so brings back the whole day back to your mind what did you guys do on the greatest ever qpr day of your lifes i got up at 6am and was in transit at 8 o clock so come on tell us about your days experience lets re live it
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    was in wetherspoons on the green at 9am..................by twelve the glorious day began to blurr!
    you know nothing john snow!!!!


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      was on the 8.05 out of Axminster, handed over 2 tickets to a very relieved Basingstoke r's en-route, set up base camp in Queens Park for a few pints. Left in plenty of time to take in the atmosphere. The rest is history as they say
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        Was supposed to be doing the walk, went to Wetherspoons in Bush Green and had breakfast. Got a bit comfortable though and decided not to do the walk and sank a few more pints before heading to the Torch in Wembley.
        Glorious day, will live long in the memory.
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          At 8.30am I was on the platform at Chester station waiting for the train to Euston. The Mersey Rail train pulled in at the adjacent platform and when the doors opened a sea of blue and white got off. Every Super Hoop from Liverpool and all the way down the Wirral must have been on that train. When we all got on the Euston train there were blue and white hoops in every carriage! I couldn't believe it. Thought there were only a dozen or so of us up this way!


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            Saxbend (Ben Donelly) is a good lad with bare foot. He is a good friend of mine.
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              Originally posted by Factamondo View Post
              was in wetherspoons on the green at 9am..................by twelve the glorious day began to blurr!


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                Travelled down from Scotland on the Friday, London hotels were daft money as bh weekend and detby bagged all the cheap ones so got ibis at stevenage for 80 quid 2 nights and full English and only 25 mins from Kings cross, left Saturday morning 9am with the wife as she was meeting her sister for the day, found a fiver on the stairs at stevenage and thought great start to day, went to mcdonalds at marble arch end of Oxford Street for coffee where wife was meeting sister, nerves were kicking in as few r's in and few dotted around outside, nerves got better of me so went for a dump in mcdonalds then was set for day. Headed to Wembley early for couple beers then straight into ground at 1pm when it opened to meet couple r's and drink in the ground as pubs were a joke getting served. Thought 5.10 for a pulled pork hotdog was outrageous but after 4th pint I had to buy one, the rest of the day is history!!!!!!!! Was in the hotel at stevenage at 11pm warching highlights and every now and then and through the night the streets would echo, OOHHH BOBBY ZAMORA, hotel was by station and every train muat have had r's coming off it. Our fanbase is widespread and when travelling to Newcastle away couple seasons back a dozen r's got on train at Berwick upon tweed and a couple were on from Edinburgh too. Im heading back to Scotland right after hull game and will get home at 1am.


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                  Got to the Bush about 8ish for beers and breakfast in the Spoons on Bush green

                  Did the walk for a bit but we kept stopping off in the off licences and lost the walk in the end so jumped on the tube for the last couple of miles

                  Ended up in the Torch
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                    Originally posted by Westway View Post
                    ...Every Super Hoop from Liverpool and all the way down the Wirral must have been on that train...
                    Except me. I drove


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                      The Torch was heaving wasn't it?
                      Was anyone aware they pushed the prices up about one o clock though which was a bit out of order.


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                        Originally posted by nige101uk View Post
                        Except me. I drove
                        me too!!!
                        Where about are you two from then???
                        I'm in Rhyl, yeah I know


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                          was in the torch bout 1230 near the burger van and partook in two as was going blind i was that lee marvin...........................then i saw him......our leader......or svengali in camourflague ...............sir ted of the racecourse.....was chatting with kenny s at the time so probably put him off!
                          you know nothing john snow!!!!


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                            Got to the Spoons at Bush for about 10 and was instantly struck down by an overwhelming sense of awe at the sight of a devilishly handsome man propping up the bar. Not even his overly frequent tendency to scratch his bum crack & dip the offending finger into his flat looking pint of Fosters top could halt me developing an instant man crush on this fine specimen of a man.

                            Once I plucked up the courage to go & introduce myself, Facto unzipped his salmon coloured Sergio Tacchini tracksuit top & reminded me that I had in fact met him before & to do my flies up before somebody noticed me furiously master-bating into an empty Bulmers bottle.

                            Anyway, after a few in there, pals & I headed up to Wembley & sank a few bottles of Desperado before diving in the Torch for a few more.

                            Torch after the game was a good crack n all, stayed there for a couple of hours before heading back to Bush for a couple in The Bull & Belushi's.

                            Fantastic day from start to finish, would do anything to relive it again.
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                              Great post ted and rather read that than some broken record about not being one of the sheep Zzzzzzzzz