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  1. If you're going to sack a manager...

    FAR better to do it now than 10 games or more into a new season.

    Let's review Fernandes record of QPR managers so far:


    ALL of them brought in midway through seasons. Throughout his tenure it has always been this firefighting and reactive (to fan pressure) approach. Never an approach with any clear foresight, vision and informed planning. Just lurching and stumbling blind from one mess ...
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  2. Those who have left

    Quote Originally Posted by Hertford Hoop View Post
    We just haven't been able to turn good players into better players when they have joined us, why has to be down to the coaching staff...
    But don't (a section of) the fans have to take a portion of responsibility for this type of thing too:

    Quote Originally Posted by nasser95 View Post
    There are jeers when players attempts to beat his man and fails which never encourages players to try more. Not to put all the blame with the fans but it's a continuous thing that has predated the recent history of the club and
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  3. Holloway / Hall

    Quote Originally Posted by West Acton View Post
    Then why play him there yesterday mate?
    I've no idea but an educated guess would tell me that he wasn't strictly a CM but a DM because we all know that Hall is comfortable with the ball at his feet and carrying it out from defence.

    The other reason is that (until the sending off when we were forced into change) we started out in a 4-2-2-2 formation with Hall in the first row of two, which is a system we haven't played before and which maybe IH felt suited Hall in that ...
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  4. hoilett haranguing

    Classic example of where Loftus Road's acoustics can be a curse as well as a blessing (for confidence players such as Hoilett). Not the first and it won't be the last. Kevin is right, the players hear absolutely everything. A player's individual wealth never comes into the equation - totally separate issue. You could be a multi-billionaire and still be psychologically hindered by such things.
  5. Ramsey / Les roles

    Quote Originally Posted by Stanley View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by californiahoop View Post
    For the record, CR is the coach, he doesn't buy players. LF does.
    That's not quite correct Cali. I did an interview with Fedinand and Ramsey for WATRB along with the other fan sites at the start of the season.

    Basically the way it works is CR controls formations and tactics. Pre-transfer window he then targeted which positions we were deficient in and relays that to LF. Les then targets and buys the players, however Ramsey also has a say in the player targets. The
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