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  1. jermaine defoe

    i would love to get jorden rhodes but i dont see why we cant buy defoe as well we could unload ten million pounds for him
    he has after all scored seven goals in seven starts those stats are incredible
    they also spell out our survival in the prem
    forget buying samba or alex these players may well be fantastic signings,but our problem is getting the ball in the net
    we showed against newcastle that our defenders can do a job
    so lets spend our money on goalscorers
  2. jorden rhodes

    get me jorden rhodes or ill cry do not let this boy wonder escape we need the new clive allen hes scoring hatricks all over the place,he will save our premiership status
  3. walk on by

    if i ever feel broken and blue
    heres what i do........ phone walk on by
    i would have to travel to lands end to find another friend like you
    walk on by, your friendship is so true

    the above is to be sung to the tune of walk on by

    but if you ever read this my old mate i want you to know your friendship is very precous to me,you look after our mutal friend i may get down the adelaide on jan 3rd so see you there
  4. Morning has broken

    morning has broken
    warnock has spoken
    he is the master of mankind
    he found us sean wright phillips what a find

    the rangers are mystical
    the rangers are magical
    the rangers are marvelous and wonderfull too
    but neil warnock im dedicating our win against united to you
  5. gianni has gone

    gianni has gone
    but his dreams live on
    jim gregory may have died
    but we still have him on our side
    the journey is so very long
    but always we sing our song
    we are the boys in blue and white
    qpr will never die we are always full of fight
    we have had our ups and we have had our downs
    but at least now we are not being run clowns
    our supporters are true
    and i will now tell you what we are going to do
    we will make a wax ...