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    This site has no agendas, what you write is your own opinions. The same goes for all the moderators & administrators on here, when we post discussing football it's our own opinion. We don't dictate what you can and can't say, in actual fact all the moderators disagreed with Kirill's post and several of us found it deeply offensive.. If another member would have posted that then that would be their opinion, not mine or yours. This is what a forum is for, we don't want to dictate to anyone because then that would mean there's an agenda.

    We're discussing this at present and please bear in mind that inevitably even the moderating team here will always have their own opinions on QPR. We don't expect moderators to modify their opinions to suit a prevalent view. Moderators are only different from regular posters inasmuch as they have to monitor posts for adherence with the forum rules, move and/or delete posts, and in extreme cases ban someone. Moderating can be difficult and ungrateful. But the process of moderation is transparent: the owner of the site always knows what moderators do. Moderators are in place because they are tested and trusted. They are judged by their performance, not by their views.

    Tony needs time off from QPR, it's bad timing but he has to do the right thing, which I feel he is doing. I can't imagine what he's going through right now but I do know he has support from the majority including me and the moderation team.