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Factamondo......my open apology to Myu, the moderation team and board members!!

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  • Factamondo......my open apology to Myu, the moderation team and board members!!

    as a longstanding poster to this forum i must offer an open appology in respect of the tone and content of some of my posts on the forum....most of them must be taken in the jest they are intented but i understand some may be taken out of context and be upsetting to some...for this i sincerely appologise.....i openly appologise to myu for a drunken rant sent to him via pm ...this was childish and disrespectful to the man who has given us this entertaining board off his own back... if i am allowed(and i sincerely hope so) to contiue to be a member of this forum i will keep my posts to a qpr theme and retract from any topics based on politics/race/fv...i once again openly appologise to you all and hope i may continue to enjoy qpr fans premier forum!


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    Thank you for the apology and it's accepted.

    I know I said that the last time would be your last chance, however we don't want to ban a single member from the site. We have rules we need to follow in order to make sure we have a site to come too, and this is the reason why we need to moderate it.

    There is only so many times we can tell members not to do something. There then comes a point where we are left with no other choice but to ban a member. These rules apply to all of us, including myself. It's not personal, so please when a member of the team asks you to do something, don't take it to heart.

    In regards to all the members on pre-moderation, we are willing to set you free. All we ask is for you all to follow the forum rules. Anyone who breaks them will be banned or put on pre-moderation again, which means one of the team have to moderate the post before allowing it to show on the forum, which could take time.

    It's a new season, a fresh start for all. Hope you all enjoy it.

    WATRB's Team