FAR better to do it now than 10 games or more into a new season.

Let's review Fernandes record of QPR managers so far:


ALL of them brought in midway through seasons. Throughout his tenure it has always been this firefighting and reactive (to fan pressure) approach. Never an approach with any clear foresight, vision and informed planning. Just lurching and stumbling blind from one mess to the next. It's the difference between QPR and Southampton, Watford and Swansea as examples of clubs who do regularly change their managers but where the key difference is they all have an underlying structure and policy in place in which the new managers just pick up the baton and continue the work, without any wholesale changes like we witness here every year.

What does this pattern tell you folks? It clearly tells me that we have a man at the reins totally incapable of learning from his past mistakes in the 6.5 years he's been at the club.

If he does not get rid of Holloway now and waits until the season starts it will be yet another ruined season and further indication (as if we still need it) that he still hasn't learnt the errors of his ways.

OTOH the alternative would be to pledge to give Holloway at least one full season, come hell or high water. Perversely I would actually have greater respect for Fernandes if he did that over his usual pattern of following the one above.

Yesterday I gave a deeper analysis of the issues:

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Fairness to Ollie he was offered job and took it so the problem is deeper than him as why was he ever considered a candidate let alone offered the role
Yes, the problem is deeper, that much is obvious. Ollie was offered the job because he was cheap, because he's a QPR man and because the board believed it would be a popular decision with the fans. So there you have three reasons to absolutely NEVER recruit a football manager, if it's for those reasons alone! It was a totally amateurish decision and proves that they've learnt nothing in the 6.5 years they took over the club.

Les Ferdinand, another man who was picked because it was perceived as being a popular appointment by the fans. Again, another absolutely disastrous appointment. Just look at his track record so far of managers under his watch for proof of that.

Tony Fernandes, the fool and his money so easily parted - and one who never seems to learn from his mistakes. His legacy at QPR is to appoint managers and DOF's who he thinks will be popular with the fans because the most important thing to him is to be loved and to feel popular. This personality shortcoming has proven to be his downfall because there is absolutely no more important a decision a chairman can make than the people you employ when, like Fernandes, you know nothing of the industry you're getting involved with.

Tony Fernandes' appointments have been his downfall these past 6.5 years because he has based them not on sound judgement and informed footballing nous, but instead on what he thinks will make him feel popular with the fans and playing to the gallery. The Redknapp one, another classic example of this where he saw the 'Come save us Harry' banner in the stands and once again acted on it stupidly, compulsively, without thinking it through or getting the right advice from people who know the industry.

So yes, West Acton, you are of course correct that the problems at QPR FC lie far far deeper than the current incompetent incumbent who once again was appointed for all the wrong reasons and thus was another brain dead decision.