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We just haven't been able to turn good players into better players when they have joined us, why ...it has to be down to the coaching staff...
But don't (a section of) the fans have to take a portion of responsibility for this type of thing too:

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There are jeers when players attempts to beat his man and fails which never encourages players to try more. Not to put all the blame with the fans but it's a continuous thing that has predated the recent history of the club and the one thing that remains consistent is us.
In addition to Nas' post, at LR the players hear absolutely everything from the stands, both positive and negative. We're in quite a unique position in that regard as a club, so these things can work against us too. It's only a minority of the fans of course, but nonetheless a highly audible one from the pitch.

There's countless other posts to corroborate this but here's another similar one:

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I do believe that its has something to do with the atmosphere at Loftus Road. Players love the support of their followers. If not, players become aware they're not welcomed and it effects the confidence. In my opinion, some of the body language of the players just shows confusion and tension.