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Then why play him there yesterday mate?
I've no idea but an educated guess would tell me that he wasn't strictly a CM but a DM because we all know that Hall is comfortable with the ball at his feet and carrying it out from defence.

The other reason is that (until the sending off when we were forced into change) we started out in a 4-2-2-2 formation with Hall in the first row of two, which is a system we haven't played before and which maybe IH felt suited Hall in that role, bearing in mind the other players at his disposal. We do know that for whatever reason Ariel is currently out of favour and not even on the bench.

If Hall was less comfortable as a ball playing DM I would agree more with your complaint but he's not. Remember too that he played that position too vs Norwich and did well there too, again until the enforced change; and like I say, he's played that role at his previous clubs so it's not as if it's an unfamiliar position for him.