The South-East of England is absolutely chock-a-block. Its infrastructure is already at bursting point. Anyone wanting to take in any more needs to answer the questions:

1) Where will they be housed?
2) Where will their children be schooled?
3) Which GP's, nurses and hospitals will attend to their medical needs?
4) Where will they fit onto the already packed trains and buses?
5) Where will their cars fit onto the already packed roads?

This has ZERO to do with race/creed and EVERYTHING to do with the simple and practical fact of lack of space and infrastructure.

If we are to take any it would have to be in other parts of the country (which of course they don't want). And they would first need to be distinguished between genuine refugees and economic-migrants.

Safe-havens and secure processing centres first need to be established in Syria, Libya (and other parts of North Africa), as well as the first ports of call in Europe to ascertain their circumstances, BEFORE they are allowed to venture any further.

Rich middle-east countries and China must also take their fair-share as they certainly have the space and wealth for it.