ben the two of us can talk no more
my old heart has been really tore
you were like an adopted sun
taken from us too young,your life had hardly begun

i hope your brother luke can understand
that if we see him well cry and shake his hand
its no good asking me to be a man and carry a spear
at this time we all shed a tear

i used to say,you are fun,but lifes too nasty for one as beautifull, as you
the love of your life,was those superhoops they never let you down,thats true
every worry should be measured
and life should be treasured

ben we will always think about the oldham and sheffield game
your face glowed like an cherub the results were the same
ben why did you have to go away
on this very sad day
your worries were so tame
and we will all have to take the blame

goodbye my beautifull ben