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Weathermen, and birds

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  • Weathermen, and birds

    Now as any of you lot on here will testify, I'm not one to moan or get the 'ump over a trivial matter.
    But fellow Rs I feel I must now break my silence on the weather, or more precisely the ####s who like to tell us what will be coming.
    Gone are the days of its going to be a nice sunny few days get out and enjoy it.
    Oh no, now the morons are wringing their hands with worry that it might be too hot and dry for us, and then the medical lemmings join in.
    Well I have two words for them #### OFF.
    Sunny days are nice days, and we as a nation know how to look after ourselves

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    Love the sun , laid in a bench on the common today til my aqua run out


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      I get the hump when the silly bint’s says your weather and not the weather .
      I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.