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  • amy winehouse

    in your youth you hated so much being overweight
    but learning to hate yourself,will make you end up in a state
    as you have found out now stairing at destinys final gate
    if only you could have found a real mate

    not someone who would only want to use your money
    it made you hate yourself even more and thats not funny
    so its all too late now to try to turn back the clock
    but the dealer who gave you your first fix i would like to knock off his block

    all that tallent has now gone up in smoke
    im sure your dad is a broken man,he dosnt see this as a joke
    god bless you little angel,you never had a chance
    why oh why,could you not have seeked romance

    cooking up brown powder on a rusty old spoon
    is a recipe for disaster that will kill you very soon
    i hope all your fans realise,that there is really only pain
    when one uses heroin to out perform ones brain
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    Q. wat the difference between alex ferguson and amy winehouse

    A. alex ferguson still plays giggs



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      little amie putting powder up your nose
      seemed harmless enough it was the life yopu chose
      as you missed your meals you reduced in weight
      as your body dropped down to a beautifull size eight

      but starving your body of its natural food
      was destroying its abilty to put you in a recovery mood
      as you stared in the miirror you were ecstatic to see
      for once you had a nice slim body

      as you were so ecited for the next fix
      your friends grew worried as you went down to a size six
      the powder you kept in your purse seemed fine
      and you knew how to arrange it in a very long snorting line

      you administerd it with a twenty pound note
      and what you could sniff went down your throat
      you visited your father and hid your new found passsion
      you coverd up your arms telling him long sleaved jumpers were the fashion

      you remember buying a a silver spoon from a market stall
      what were you becoming a blown out of your brain box fool
      poor little amie you never had a chance
      and those blood stained ballet shoes dont help your defence

      remember the puppy fat that you used to hate
      well that was quite normal,that was your correct weight
      because one thing in life that is always true
      be natural and let nature take care of you

      so as we come to the very last verse
      ill always remember the flowers situated on top of the herse
      the best days of your life are always at school
      using drugs leaves you dead or a bewilderd fool
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