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    Originally posted by SheepRanger View Post

    What happened with your love for Nathan Jones? Your strategy has changed and we need consistent direction.

    These ladies appear to like him as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSSpPkMlb98
    Apologies in advance for any earworms resulting from playing the video.


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      Originally posted by Shania View Post
      The players did probably suss out that Beale was seeking other opportunities at an early stage.
      Although he turned out to be the Beale and end all last season, it just absolutely puzzles me why on earth the guy bothered to come to us in the first place. I would have just taken a four-month holiday!


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          Watched the video , get promoted they gotta go to MK til they build s new stadium .
          Both them and cov have done brilliant .


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            So glad they've ruled out a dubious groundshare with Watford. I can only put up with human and auto matchday traffic once or just about twice a fortnight up there, but not every weekend please.


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              Don't want them in mk it's bad enough the dons are here


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                they also only have a 10k capacity crowd

                if they get promoted they wont be able to compete in the top division

                my money is on them getting less points than Derby when they come crashing back to us in the championship

                i remember us versus Luton in the top flight many moons ago battling on the plastic pitches

                those times have moved on

                there is no room for the likes of Luton, QPR, Oldham, Notts County, Coventry in the top flight anymore

                i think the premier league needs to be revamped and i couldnt care less if the bigger teams all left the english league and joined a european breakaway so the rest of football can get back to its old roots

                and be a level playing field

                i look back at the days we were in the top flight and now it just seems like it was a miracle

                football was definatley better back in the 80s and early 90s until sky got there evil mitts on our game

                im close to hanging up my QPR supporting boots

                i ask myself whats the point anymore?