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Be positive after that Gareth!!

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    Originally posted by Kingaustin View Post

    You know nothing .. everything I read from your comments are “apparently “
    apparently Les and Ainsworth don’t get on was the one you came out with last time .
    apparently this apparently that .
    You’re as bad as that bird from Norway or Finland who posts on here .
    Dont worry, ill be closing my account shortly, so ill put you out your misery soon enough.


    • SheepRanger
      SheepRanger commented
      Editing a comment
      No need to do that.

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    Be nice if we showed a bit more anger towards those pathetic tarts last night instead of bitching at each other on here. Our lot are a disgrace and this club has become the laughing stock of the championship.


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      There’s no bitching
      but comes to a head when people are posting complete make belief . It’s nothing personal as I don’t know him .


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        Come on guys let's rein it in. I don't want to lose another poster, I've so called managed to lose a couple so let's keep the numbers up. We're all rangers fans that care and have passion. Arguments are bound to happen but we brush them off and move on
        I played sunday league football today.

        Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

        I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

        We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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          couldnt believe Tuesday

          i briefly checked the score and to my horror saw it was 4-0 before half time

          my reaction shocked me after the initial shock i just thought WOW we really are bang in trouble

          think division 1 is inevitable if we survive this season were down the next

          GA is not the right answer despite his great charachter all this appointment did was stop the protest

          end of the day Les and Hoos must move on

          even in the first few interviews of positivety of GA it was clear to see he was told to tell the fans Les and Hoos love the club as much as we do


          the days for jobs for the boys are well and truly numbered

          really wish we kept hold of MW who for me has been the best manager weve had since Warnock and he dealt with the mess in the boardroom better than anyone could have

          Les Lee please move on