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    Originally posted by QPROslo View Post
    For a very long time I was a fan of Warburton. He stopped the rot under McClaren and results improved a lot. During the calendar year of 2021 we were in promotion form. But the way the wheels fell off during the last three months of 21/22, admittedly with injuries to players such as Willock, Dieng and Dickie, was very worrying and I reluctantly accepted that it was best not to prolong his contract. But this wasn't black and white. Over the entire three years period he stayed with us he did more than enough to merit a new contract.

    I could understand changing Warburton for Beale - a young and upcoming manager with very good references from Chelsea, Liverpool, Rangers and Aston Villa. He fitted what we wanted to be - a club that develops players based on a certain style of play.

    But I cannot for my life understand that it makes sense to replace Warburton with Ainsworth. In my mind it is not just a big step down, but a move that is against everything we want to be.

    I understand the need to replace Critchley, particularly if he had lost the dressing room. I am sure Ainsworth can fire up the players and get the necessary points on board to avoid relegation this season.

    But what about the longer perspective? Our job is to develop and sell younger players. It is the only way we can build a good financial platform for promotion. By sale is meant sale to Premier League - players that command 10m or more. To develop players for PL, we need to have a style of play that resembles PL. Ainsworth style is hoof ball. No PL club will scout for talent in a hoof ball team. It is so obvious.

    As Sheep refers to, Wycombe has just had one successful sale over the last five years under Ainsworth - selling a player to Bristol City. Apart from maybe keeping us up this season, there is nothing that makes Ainsworth a good fit with what we need. It cries panik to me. It is a short term fix but not a strategic move.

    A DOF is put in place to oversee a long term plan, so that we do not get victim to changing managers with different ideas, changing half the squad every year to fit their style of play. But when the DOF makes a U-turn and go from possession based style of play to hoof ball over night we do not need that DOF. Simple as that. I have defended Les on several occasions, but this one is unforgiving, if the media reports are true.

    I loved Ainsworth as a players and I am desperate to see QPR succeed, but this looks to be a horrible signing.

    I sincerely hope I am completely wrong.
    Nailed it.