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Time for a formation change?

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  • Time for a formation change?

    I do wonder whether the time is now right to switch formations.

    At the current time we play ether a 4-3-3 or a 4-2-3-1. I do think maybe it is time to switch it to ether a 3-5-2 or a 3-4-3.

    Beale has hinted at doing it, so I wonder if Saturday would be the best time to change it,

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    Seems the Norwich game took the wind out of our sails. One high tempo performance to grab a point and we go off the boil. We need more quality on the subs bench to bring on proper fresh legs.

    So many different formations makes an easy games overly complicated. Enough quality with 16 players and we'll win whatever formation.

    Or am i too old for the new breed of football scientists, sorry tacticans?


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      We did seem to create a number of chances. Their goalie made some good saves and a couple of were tamely taken. But our defending lacked strength and needless free kicks given away. So I feel we keep the same formation and a couple minor changes of personel


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        The world cup break has come at the right time for us, we need a re think and a re group throughout the team and management, this is not a criticism of what we have done so far, but the last couple of weeks we have slipped away a lot, we will now see the sort of manager Mick really is, I think from the way he talks and the way he conducts his interviews, that he will have an a rse kicking party, and really grip the team


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          He needs to by sounds if it. Personally I think we are missing a coupe of big nasty #### ers at the club. A shaun derry type. The championship is about standing up and imposing yourself when teams try to rough you up, we have a lot of good players but they are a bit too nice for me. Amos for example, went missing v luton. Same v west brom. Wasn't in the game against Norwich.

          Jcs isn't a physical dominat cb, Dunne likes a scrap and gets stuck in yet he is behind jcs in the pecking order. I know who I'd rather have when they tackles are flying in!! We need leaders and lads who would run over their granny to win the ball!! Maybe the penny will drop with the manager now he's seen who is up for it when the pressure comes on.