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    Would have to disagree with you re Roberts. Haven't seen anything from him that warrants why Leeds would want us to give them 4 million at the end of the season. He's got a poor injury record and that's not what you need in the championship. He goes missing a bit when it's a physical game and falls over a lot for a lad who is a decent size. Plus he doesn't score goals.

    He seems to have a bit of an ego too. Vibes of Andre Gray about him minus the goals which is why we overlooked gray's lack of workrate. We need a centre forward who can take the load off dykes and Roberts isn't a centre forward so I'd rather send him back and find someone who is.


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      I think the loan of Tyler Roberts should be reassessed, I dont think he has been that great for us and I dont think it warrants us paying for him.

      I dont think we need too much strengthening to be honest, more likely we will see a few outgoings to fund one or two incomings.


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        We have to get shot of Chair whilst he inexplicably has a good reputation and may be in the spotlight at Qatar (though he seldom starts competitive games for Morocco I believe).
        He's all fur coat and no knickers.


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          I think we saw enough of Richards on Tuesday to see that he can be a replacement for Chair.
          It's Chair's decision making that infuriates me, shoots when should pass to people in better positions and then passes to people being marked, when tit opens up for the shot.

          On Tuesday, all the commentator was saying was Chair, Chair Chair, but there was no end product. I'd like to see a stat on his touches compared to his key passes.