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Back 4 or 3 centre backs and wing backs

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  • Back 4 or 3 centre backs and wing backs

    I think Beale wants to change systems if things not working in games.

    Which is all well and good.

    But do think currently with the players we have at the moment , the better system that suits the players we have is with the three centre backs.

    Clarke Salter seems a positive signing and I think to have either of Dunne or Dickie on bench for 70 minutes a game is a waste.

    Paal looks nippy and without another right back as yet Albert possibly at moment could be the way currently.

    He seems to be keeping both Masterson and Gubbins also, ie not loaned as yet, perhaps despite throughout preseason playing a back four, could be the five today at very least.

    But because Dunne was one of the great successes last season as a player and as a positive voice also, the likelihood to have him not in the starting lineup would IMO be harsh and a mistake !!!

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    I’d go with three Dunne is more powerful than Dickie and Clarke salter. Dunne in middle Dickie right side salter left then paal and kakay or Adomah rhs


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      We had 3 centre backs all lst season and look how that turned out.
      Back four for me , that gives you an extra attacker or midfielder in the side.
      Dunne is a better centre back than Dickie but i would rotate between the three and maybe Masterson as well , with injuries and a drop in form , taken into consideration.


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        3 cbs


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          It's not dictated by the defence as much as it by the midfield and up top.

          We should be playing 4 in midfield and 2 up front, given our personnel. Therefore flat back 4.

          It's not trendy but that is the players we have.