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  • Substitutions

    Just a thought, last season teams were allowed to make 5 subs per match instead of the usual 3.

    With the amount of games we are playing in such a short space of time i.e 3 games in 6 days, why can't the f.a allow teams to make 5 subs again?

    Warbs is moaning about us having a small squad, the minutes/games that players are being asked to play in quick succession, players then picking up strains and muscle injuries and then we are running out of players.

    If the f.a are the ones who arrange these stupid amount of games to be played in such a small window then maybe help out teams like ourselves who have small squads and let us use 5 subs so we can rotate players during games instead of waiting til the next fixture comes along??

    It makes for a better quality of game while we can keep our better/first choice players relatively fresh for every game?

    Last Friday we basically ran out of subs due to jordy and stef pulling up, if we were allowed to make 5 subs we could still have made a change to have an impact rather than an enforced one e.g austin on for gray for example.

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    I think a lot of the complaints about 5 subs was that it favoured the bigger clubs with quality squads , whether that is true or not I don’t know .I personally think to much is made of the schedule of footballers . I might sound like an old ####er but when I was growing up you had 1 sub with small squads playing on mud baths when you were allowed to tackle . I think a lot of the fatigue is mental , although I agree we don’t have a massive squad and are carrying a few injuries right now .


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      Both of u have valid points , the games decision makers will always favour the Biggest and richest clubs


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        Don’t think it’s entirely true about MW complaining about only having a small squad,he’s often said he prefers a smaller squad.

        Not that it’s difficult to say though with a degree of foresight that some of Wallace,Jordy,Amos,,Field,Owens and possibly Austin and Johansen would be injured due to their previous history.

        Even though he’s named as part of the 24 squad this season has anyone seen Charlie Owens play previously ?


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          Think owens was out for a year with an acl injury. No idea if he's any good though.


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            It's not really any different to pre pandemic times. We just have players that are more injury prone and that's why we got them cheap or for free. Wage bill is more than likely cheaper because of this. Smaller clubs would also not like to pay any extra appearance monies.


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              Fair point. Males you wonder why we brought in players with poor injury records. Moses, field, jordy etc. Luckily we have Dunne to cover jordy but ball is a big step down from field imo. Not sue on stef's injury record.


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                I think it favours those with bigger & better squads, but that it also ruins games with so many changes, disrupting the flow of a game and too many tactical changes etc.

                As for Stainrod's comments, I totally agree that in years gone by, smaller squads with 1 sub,, muddy pitches, tough tackling outlawed today,. I am not convinced modern players would be able to cope (if managers are to be believed about tiredness, knocks etc.


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                  I was watching the Big Match Revisited recently and was reminded that it used to be only 1 sub as others have already mentioned.....how times have changed.


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                    Exactly. If you got clattered you just had to get up and get on with it.
                    "I don't read the papers, I don't gamble, I don't even know what day it is." - Steve McClaren.