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Last night - in the cool light of day.

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  • Last night - in the cool light of day.

    Football seems to have an even bigger effect on ones well- being during the current Corona Bonkers era. Maybe it’s the helpless frustration of not being there, but I find a good Rangers showing a pretty good antidote to the latent misery that always seems a social distance away. Trouble is, displays like yesterday just add to a feeling of “today is domesday- bring out your dead”. I don’t think I can recall a game where such an easy clinical dissection was possible.
    Their opening goal - like my old under 5’s in a game, all drawn to the ball like moths to a shiny thing. Opposition striker ( who we knew always scores) left totally alone to make Lumley look inept, perhaps unfairly but he’s become an easy target. As for the winner, how can it be possible to be found out THREE times running by the same move? My under 11’s could organise themselves better ( mind you, they were a good side).
    so who is at fault? In my view, the whole lot of them! Awful organisation and naivety. Plus, similarly to the Plymouth game, misplaced arrogance to go with the misplaced passes.
    This is the first time I have felt the need to put blame on the management, as leadership on the field seems to have gone. But come on Warbs, Les and co - what on Earth was that about?
    we can now see that without a talisman like Ebere, all that possession leads to sweet fa.I don’t think we created anything at all from open play.
    Unless we act quickly and get an experienced old fashioned midfield general ( Derry type), some sort of second striker ( loan) and a proper defender, we are in for a horrible season. We need a transfusion. ( Hey Dadyo make mine type O).

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    It may be the cool light of day but I'm still seething so I'm going to have an uncharacteristic rant.

    I was thinking about it last night and if you take a step back, 3-2 loss, scoring 2 goals away from, it home doesn't really sound too bad. But it was the manner of the defeat that really grinds my gears. To totally dominate the game and throw it all away in that manner was embarrassing.

    All this talk about new players in x and y positions is fine but that team last night could have won easily if they could just learn from mistakes, put some effort in and concentrate for more than 10 minutes at a time. Professional football players my arris. The only thing that makes them professional is that they get paid for it.

    Rant over. I thank you.
    "I don't read the papers, I don't gamble, I don't even know what day it is." - Steve McClaren.


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      I don’t want to see that midfield 3 playing together again . Amos , Carroll , (academy footballers) in my opinion .Cameron I can tolerate with the right players around him . Chair , Ball , Cameron has a much better balance about it in my opinion. Am I missing something with Amos ? Have we ever had a player contribute so little to the cause yet doesn’t seem to get much stick ..


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        Defending was awful Dickie Barbet shocking Cameron worse midfield Amos, Carroll still hasn't learnt how to pass the ball forward, Chair totally out of the game played wide down the left, and as for our left back the less said the better, fed up with same old excuse from the bread man, had over a year to sort this, keeps on about giving away cheap goals, isn't his job description, as manager to sort this? had long enough now,


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          Have no evidence but I’m concerned that the players don’t listen to Warbs

          He says the same things over and over again

          I’m not suggesting for one moment a managerial change but it doesn’t ‘feel’ right

          Not sure if anyone else noticed but the players we giggling and laughing when they came out for the 2nd half last night - hardly a sign of a team who had conceded a stupid goal before halftime and raring to go

          We seem to make the same mistakes over and over again and nothing changes

          I have no idea what the answer is but it is concerning


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            Defensive coach needed! Plus we will not win many games if we play a keeper week in week out who can’t make a save in our games!


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              Originally posted by lincoln ranger View Post
              Defensive coach needed! Plus we will not win many games if we play a keeper week in week out who can’t make a save in our games!
              Dieng just signed 4 year deal suggests Lumleys days are nearly over .


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                Just watched the EFL show goals , it gets worse each time I see them . The 1st goal my Sunday side would have defended . Amos and Carrol no thanks. We move ball far to slow allowing the oppo to get their shape early so we go back and back with ball