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We're a joke

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  • We're a joke

    How can you sack a manager after less than a month? Is it because his magic wand didn't work?? I know everyone wants instant success but we have to patient....Even Roy Keane's coming good at Ipswich now......It takes time...Hart hasn't been given a chance!....Personally I didn't think he was a good appointment but once appointed, you gotta give him a chance!.....I'm somewhat embarrassed to be a QPR fan now.

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    Exactly not a single fan in the home end gave the man a chance what happened on boxing day was a disgrace


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      Maybe they realised he was a poor manager?

      Seriously though, they could had Kept him as a coach!


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        we are a joke club

        what a mess
        what a shambles

        "WE DON'T DO FAILURE" oh really

        either sort it out or go and let someone who cares do it

        and er, pay the debts you incurred before you go and take c-club with you


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          Good lines to sack someone with?

          We don't know what we'll do without you, but we are going to try!
          There's something extra in your pay packet this week - your cards!
          We told everyone you are leaving because of illness. The truth is I'm sick of you.
          Look, let me put your cards on the table.
          Its not that you aren't a responsible manager. In fact, you've been responsible for more disasters than any one else in the place
          Today I'm going to mix business with pleasure. You're fired!
          I've got good news for you. You won't have to worry about being late for work ever again.
          They told me to get some enthusiasm back into this club. So I'm firing you with enthusiasm.
          Tell me - how long have you been with us not counting tomorrow?