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An Evening With Les Ferdinand @ LR

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  • An Evening With Les Ferdinand @ LR

    First of all just wanted to thank BrightonR again for the competition he ran and offering me the chance to go to the evening with Les Ferdinand that was put on. He really went to a lot of effort to sort this and I'm very grateful for this, WATRB really is a great community!
    As for the evening, Les talked about a few memories and talked through a few photos first before it was opened up to a general Q&A. Topics covered included his favourite memories as a QPR player, his opinion on discrimination towards black managers and coaches in the game, his current role as Director of Football, the current squad and in particular Charlie Austin and finally a little about Alan McDonald.
    He spoke really well, was very entertaining to listen to and always comes across as a true gentleman. The whole evening was recorded for any of you who are interested and the link is below:
    (I'm the lad asking the question at 55:54).
    Oh and finally there was also a really touching moment at the end when everyone was getting photos and there was a young man who unfortunately suffered from some disabilities, and for him meeting Sir Les and having the chance to chat to him briefly and have a photo clearly just meant everything to him and it was quite moving.
    Anyway thanks again Dave (BrightonR) for the evening, really appreciate it mate!


    Edit: Video embed added by Stanley

    Les Ferdinand joined us for a special Q&A filmed in front of a live studio audience...

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    Great questions lad, interesting to see they all want to skirt around the Adel subject and it's not just Harry that does it!


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      Glad to hear you had a good time Josh.

      Unfortunately, it's not very often that we get the opportunity to offer such a thing to our members, but good to see that it was worthwhile. Also a great shame that Jeff couldn't make it as I know how happy he was to have won, but full marks to him for passing over the opportunity to someone else in good time. And a thank you to Daniel at the club for his assistance.

      As for me, well I'm just happy to have been able to have played a part in what turned out to be something for you to remember. Always happy to do whatever I can for those on here that contribute and make our shared love of QPR more interesting than it otherwise would be.


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        What a lovely post. Glad you had a great time Mad and the lad you were talking of is Richard. He loves his QPR and goes home and away so how nice for him to have had the chance to meet Les.


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          Glad you had a fantastic time, and also 'Thank you' to BrightonR for taking the time to run this competition.