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Stream cutting out

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  • Stream cutting out

    does anyone else experience any problems with the stream cutting out, buffering and a "you are not authorised to watch this video" message popping up after about five minutes.
    The device is registered, The user is registered, The Broadband is working properly. please advise

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    I used to always get those problems, but lately, it has been fairly stable.
    You can email or Tweet the Plus team for further help.
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      I think that cutting out thing is an enhanced premium feature that costs extra. You pay the extra in order to see less footage and not end up feeling the same levels of distress and trauma as the cheapskates who pay for the full uninterrupted broadcast.


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        Well if they are having that stream come out then there is nothing we can do about it as well. One can always try to put up some of their own but it does not always work as well. This is why there is not much of a way too.