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New Korean Forum in partnership with www.gasengi.com

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  • New Korean Forum in partnership with www.gasengi.com

    On behalf of QPRforum.co.uk (WATRB.com) we would like to introduce our new partnership with 'www.gasengi.com'. Together we're providing a new forum for Korean QPR fans to engage with QPR fans from other parts of the world.

    There is a language barrier for some and we therefore have dedicated Korean Moderators in place to relay and translate from one forum to the other.

    We're offering you the chance to get to know the QPR fans from Korea. Just start a thread and it will then be translated. Please make them feel welcome to the QPR community and don't forget they are one of us.

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    my missus is korean. id be curious at it. where is the sub link to the QPR forum on that site? I think going to www.gasengi.com just takes you to the top level site page. (I cant read korean)
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