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WATRB's going back to its roots!

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  • WATRB's going back to its roots!

    First of all I'd like to apologise to all of you for my absence over the past few months, I've not been to well and had things to sort out and put right. I'm back now and I'd like to let you all know that from today we're going back to our old roots. As most of you know I'm open and honest, this site was a place we're we fans could come online and discuss all things football and QPR, each member is allowed to have their own view, which includes the admin and moderators.

    The site was built around the members and I always asked for your opinion before making changes, I'm always open to new idea's and see if things work. That's stopped and the site has just gone back the other way and all the hard work we put in together has gone. My visions were to offer a free forum where we could donate to charity, give away prizes and have fun along the way. The site was growing year on year and today we're just about covering the running costs. We can't offer monthly charity donations or offer prizes as we once did, that hurts and needs to be put back right.

    I wanted you to know that as of today, we're going back to our roots. We'll never dictate what you can and can't talk about regarding QPR or football. In the meantime we'll be working at our goals to get the forum back to where it once was.

    There really shouldn't be no moderation as you all normally police yourselves. From time to time you may have one or two who wants to cause problems. If you have any problems you may PM, DM or email me, please allow me some time before I reply, or try again, I will reply back.

    If you so happen not to like another member, please put them on ignore, and if you see 'quotes' from them in another post then please ignore them. Everyone has a right of their own opinion. Just because I'm the site owner, it don't mean my words are any better than yours, or I'm a better person then you. We're all football and QPR fans, we need to respect one another's opinions

    All decisions from today will surely be back down to me, as it was before. I'll happily listen to everyone's opinion but the final decision lies with me.

    Myself and Alan will be the only two Admin on the site, everyone else will revert back to moderators as it was.

    As we're starting off fresh today, any members that have been banned will have the chance to return if you wish to do so, you'll have to PM, DM or email me. I'll ask you a few questions and that's all in return.

    As for our club we've had some magic moments, at last we can build our new training ground. The transformation with our new management team with Steve McLaren, right to our 'lucky charm chairman' Amit Bhatia. In my eyes this is just a dream, and there's such a good 'feel good factor' back inside me. Let's hope in time the club can find us a good new home so we can grow with times. Well done to everyone at the club from top to bottom!

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    The simplest way to explain some of the issues on the forum is that you have a mobile phone, you download an app and it has glitches. We need to wait for updates which is something we can't control.

    The forum still works and we can post, that's the main thing. If little features like the 'Ignore' feature not working, just ignore the member or their posts, it's not hard.