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This Site - To Clarify Some Concerns from Members...

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  • This Site - To Clarify Some Concerns from Members...

    *Posted by Goddard on other WATRB Forum, but been asked to "Sticky" this.*

    If I may just try and explain a couple of things.. as there seems to be a lot of (understandable) confusion about the way the site is "policed". (I hate that word!)

    I am a recent addition to the moderator team, I was asked by MYU to join, because he wanted someone who speaks their mind, but isn't one of the "old pals act" who agrees with Pete, MYU, or whoever on certain stuff.
    You know? the usual sort of GP, Sousa, politics stuff that can be seen as propaganda and spin by some.

    I think there have been some faults lately, and possibly the rules are a bit strict on here, and some of the points/bans etc.. can be seen as petty. There are ongoing discussions about this between the admin/mod team right now. We don't all agree an everything, the same as posters don't all agree. That will always happen.

    But the key thing I've found out since I moved over to "The Dark Side"(!), is the difference in this site, as opppsed to most other fans sites, when it comes to its aims and general policy on HOW it wants to be seen.
    The key difference is, the owners (Not just Pete, because he does NOT have sole power on how it's run) want this site to be far more "family friendly" than most other QPR sites.

    The upshot of that policy is that it comes across as "petty" when people are given warnings and/or points when they call someone an "idiot", "muppet", "tw@t", "nobhead" etc..
    Unlike other sites.

    Now I can understand that looks petty, and leaves this site wide open for accusations of mods/admin acting like "nazis", and swanning around, handing out points like confetti. (very few bans actually).
    But that all stems from a lack of clarity in the way this site wants to go 100% with the "Family Friendly" policy that it currently uses.

    People might not agree that a football fans website should be a place for clean language, a low tolerence policy on abuse and name calling, and a family friendly place.... but this site is exactly that. That's been set in stone, and explained to me in no uncertain terms.

    BUT....The problem is, I don't think it's been made clear enough to the members of this site.

    And if everyone knew that, and understood it 100% (agree with it, or not) then it would lead to far less confusion and conflict when it comes to hearing about people being pulled up for their language, their web-rucks, and their general behaviour on here... which on most other sites would be seen as normal.

    Yes, the rules on here are tougher, PURELY because it insists on being a Family Site.
    And I'm not sure that's been made clear enough to all members, and that has led to the (totally understandable) comments that I've read lately on here.

    I hope this at least helps to make things a bit clearer? Even if it's not something everyone will agree on how a Fans Site should be.
    But that's the way it is, and this post hopefully might help make it clearer.

    It might be trying too hard to be the Family Site it really wants to be??
    But one thing it is NOT is personal.