jan 24th 1969
away to charlton but a game ill never forget,right in the middle of skinheadism,im ironing my green and white checked brutus shirt
and im going to put on my doctor martins and my white sta press,having listened to my tighten up trojen reggae album i was on the crest of a wave
i was so exited to be going to the biggest football ground in england
charlton athletic a whopping 72 thousand capacity
yes yes yes i met up with about three hundred skins all rangers
inside the ground we went to the opposite end to charlton
our leaders sent the orders for knowone to sing so we stood silently and watched the game
then a massive fight erupted inside the ground up at the charlton end
it was geezers all wearing white scarfs
who are those guys we thought and pretty soon we got our answer as a deafening roar of
MILLWALL rung out
so we all thought that millwall were on our side so we run the whole length of the stadium
to be confronted by about fifty really nasty looking guys
as we came to the final whistle our three hundred had now become about 80 and we had now to try to get out of south london in one peice
ill never rember the train taking us and the millwall fans out opf charlton,we were all really scared
but luckily they all got off at rotherhythe and now we could relax
once the millwall had disapeared we all chatted away merrily
was it really 40 years ago,it seems like only yesterday
but that was one game ill never forget
we won the game three goals to there two
dave shipley was there man of the match he was everywhere that day
and our man of the m,atch was rodney who scored one and destroyed there defence