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Thread: Thank you Tony Fernandes and the club

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    Default Thank you Tony Fernandes and the club

    I know Tony isn’t the must popular fella on this site nor our DOF but yesterday they made a old man very happy who happens to be my grandad

    My grandad turned 90 in January this year and has supported QPR all his life and is a born and bred West Londoner. His dad supported us before we were even QPR and were called St Judes(I think).
    My children are now the 5th generation of fans and like everyone on here the club means the world to us.

    My uncle reached out to the club late last year to explain it was my grandads 90th and the response has been amazing ever since.
    Tony Fernandes recorded a private message for my grandad to be played at his birthday in which he invited him and another to be his VIP guest for the game yesterday.

    I was lucky enough to be the one my grandad invited to share the day and I must say what an experience it was. The staff were all amazing from the moment we arrived and we got to experience
    C Club.

    We were even put on Tony Fernandes table and even though sadly he wasn’t at yesterday’s game we were lucky enough to sit with Les Ferdinand and his guests. Les and Andy Sinton were true gents and really took the time to listen to my grandads stories and mementoes about the club.

    We had a fantastic day, met fantastic people and fantastic seats. We even got to see us win. I just wanted to post on here and mention how first class the club was and although yes there are issues behind the scenes they certainly look after their own when needed.

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    Fair play.

    He gets a lot of stick including from me but massive respect to him for this.

    Sounds like you both had a great day. Well done Tony Fernandes

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    That's fantastic and great to here. I have a friend at work who's sister in law has terminal cancer. He phoned the club after sending emails and got no response. He kept trying and eventually got a response that they get this request quite often and they don't have the time to allow this poor woman to the training ground or get a match day spirit. She ended up receiving a few items in the post. I thought to myself I bet tony would of done much much more. Great to hear and pleased for your grandad and sounds amazing. Oh sorry this is west ham the club she has supported and been a season ticket most of her life
    I played sunday league football today.

    Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

    I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

    We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!

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    Always good to hear stories like this Maids. Happy birthday to your Grandad. Kind gesture by the club too.

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    Great story and nice to hear your dad had a top day. Fair play to TF!

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    That is a great story, it's one of many we hear and the reason we continue to support this club no matter what! Happy Birthday to your Grandad!

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    Good story Maids love hearing things like this. TF has this side of the business nailed down if he could only develop a ruthless side for actual daily running we would be in safe hands and waters

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    That's a brilliant story, chuffed for you and your grandad Maids. Fair play to TF and the club.
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    Lovely to hear! I can imagine you had a good day but for your granddad it must have been something really, really extra to experience. The club he has supported all his life, yesterday he was one of the big guys, and they listened to what he had to say!

    It is a great little story that made me warm inside, well done to Tony and the club!

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    What a superb story. Absoluely fantastic.

    Can only agree with what others have said about how, on a personal level, he is everything we could hope for.

    We all know about the mistakes he has made in terms of the football side. And although our attitudes range from virtual acceptance to almost hate and despair, let us be sure of one thing. Acts such as at West Ham yesterday will never change anything for the better. Nor will constant slating of the man on this or any other message board. Maybe one day, we will get the opportunity to put our frustrations across on behalf of our members, on a one to one basis and get to listen to HIS own responses face to face, rather than the usual club statement type of stuff.

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    Great stuff.

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    in the late 90's i was away addressing some of my demons in a treatment centre , we wrote to every london club , explaining that we were getting i4 a week and why we were their etc , whufc wrote back to say sorry but no can do . every other london club blanked us , little QPR sent 15 free tickets , was i proud of my club that day . thanks for your lovely story

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    So pleased for you and your grandad, this is the old QPR we know.

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful news.

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    Fair play to the club and Fernandes and glad a good day was had.

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    Maids, did he used to sit near the front in C block?


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