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Thread: Commemorative green and white home kit...

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    Originally Posted by Fraggy
    I had the half and half QPR Celtic beanie, I think I got it outside Wembley at the 82 final.
    I had to burn it after Manure relegated us from the prem as it was part of a bet with a Manure fan that we would stay up
    More likely 86 .if you bought it at Wembley mate ,those 80s ski hats werent around till 84 ish . Most were bobble hats ,with the bobble taken off ,turning them into ski hats . Always reminds me off the original film the Firm ,when Benny from grange hill ,rocks up in a West Ham /Celtic one and Jim from coronation st gives him a rocket ! Funny when you think back that loads of teenage Casuals who`d never be seen dead in football colours used to wear them .
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    Originally Posted by stanistheman
    Thanks, I stand corrected, they started in light blue and navy halves not quarters.
    Westy will find a picture of me watching them at the time..............

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    Nah. We play in blue and white hoops... not interested in green hoops, not even if it's allegedly part of our heritage. Anyway, saw an article recently that said GB speedskaters wear blue costumes because it's scientifically proven blue is the fastest colour so I can't risk getting slowed down.


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